Big Brother Isn’t Watching You

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“What is happening?” – well that is a great question, what is actually going on in today’s modern society? George Orwell wrote a book called “Big Brother” – we all know that story, well in todays society, the book is no longer a book, it became a reality show, and it seems as if the society of that reality show where big brother is watching over the contestants seems to be much more safe the our real life society, but how come that be? How come nobody take care and listen to the people in our society? What is actually going on? And where will this lead us? Russell Brand is a well-known British comedian and actor, he is also known for being the host of the famous reality show “Big Brother”. In this commentary “Big Brother isn’t watching you” – Brand is trying to figure out why these riots are happening. Even though Brand does not live in UK anymore, this is still the place where he has his roots; these are the people he can relate to in so many different ways. For example in his early 20’s, Brand used to partake in these riots, he used to be in the group of protesters, who would march together and fight for their cause. “I often attended protests … I enjoyed it when the protest lost directions and became chaotic”. But now he is no longer a rebellious youngster, he is now rising towards fame, in the luxurious life of LA, wealthy and surrounded with the rest of the Hollywood celebrities, then again you would wonder, what does Russell Brand have to do with all of this? And why would he even care about the riots? Since Brand had lots of experience about this issue from his youth, he uses his knowledge and understandings, from previous riots to understand how this could have gone so far. ”I feel proud to be English, proud to be a Londoner (all right, an Essex boy) … And I naturally began to wonder what would make young people destroy their communities.” According to

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