Big Brother Isn't Watching You. Essay

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Big Brother isn’t watching you. This commentary, “Big Brother isn’t watching you”, is made by the famous English comedian, writer and actor, Russell Brand. It was published in 2011, by the website known as The Guardian. This website is possibly one of the most read online newspapers in England, which means that a lot of people read it every day, thousands or maybe even tens of thousands. This means that this commentary has been read by a wide variety of people, from different parts of society. Now, this commentary primarily deals with the 2011 UK riots, with Russell Brand’s perspective on the matter. Because he chooses to give his own perspective, and therefore his own personal opinion on this issue, it’s subjective. While writing this, Russell Brand didn’t live in England, but Los Angeles. He did, and still does, however, still feel connected to England. Already in the start of the commentary, we see that Russell Brand is using his knowledge from his career to tell us about what he feels needs to be said about the 2011 UK riots, to inform us. Not only does he do that, but he makes it entertaining to read by putting in for example ironic and/or funny sentences in all of a sudden, like this long sentence from line 51-55: “Wow! Thanks guys! What a wonderful use of the planet’s fast-depleting oxygen resources. Now that’s been dealt with can we move on to more taxing matters such as whether or not Jack The Ripper was a ladies’ man. And what the hell do bears get up to in those woods?” Taking a subject like the 2011 UK riots which was a complete mess, comment on it, and then putting in some funny surprises and phrases into the text, can conclude that Russell Brand is a very talented writer. Also, Russell Brand manages to make the reader think for him/herself, by throwing in rhetorical questions. An example of this can be found in line 47: “The only question I can
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