Big Brother Is Watching You - Analysis (Russell Edward Brand)

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Big Brother is Watching You Russell Edward Brand has been known for a lot of controversy throughout his career. As a famous 38-year-old comedian, actor and a great author, ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ is yet another commentary where Russell Brand clears up his mind, with what he allegedly considers a righteous statement. Of English origin, Russell Brand wrote ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ to express his thoughts about the 2011 England riots, which were taking place on the 6th to 11th September in London, along with several other cities in England. Russell Brand’s main point of the statement is to criticize the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, with her ways of handling the riots. He rebukes her and brings his own point of view to the public, as he has a strong disapprobation of the way that Theresa May deemed the protesters actions and behavior. His commentary was publicized on 11th August on the final day of protesting on the British national daily newspaper The Guardian, on the same day after Theresa May had given her speech. As Russell Brand is a former citizen of London (though born in Essex), he sits across the globe, after being transplanted to Los Angeles, and expresses his thoughts about why the inhabitants would protest and be nothing but troublemakers for the authority with their “mindless” actions in his homeland. All this while harshly involving a great amount of sarcasm to implicitly articulate his disapproval. To exemplify; “Wow! Thanks guys! What a wonderful use of planet’s fast-depleting oxygen resources” (line 51). He believes that the mere reason of the violent condemnation is due to oblivion and that the young people feel neglected by society, as they simply just want to be heard. Considering the fact that various third world countries live in either unprivileged, economically depressed, oppressed or corrupt societies,

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