Big Brother Is Watching Essay

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Sharaz Khan Professor Diana Nystedt English 1301 March 6, 2015 While both authors make good points, one can agree more with Andrew Keene. It is fascinating that Facebook allows one to connect with friends from middle school, follow favorite bands, and argue politics with strangers, but it also violates privacy. It seems that every time one wants to research a subject or buy something on the internet, they are invited to sign in through Facebook. When watching the news, half of the sources used to report the main stories are forms of social media. Hillary Clinton is up in the middle of the night tweeting about the latest scandal because she knows that is what everyone will pay attention to! No article read, gadget bought, or cat picture shared will go unnoticed by Facebook, a company that makes millions in advertising every year by selling your personal information. One will agree with Steven Johnson that there are great aspects to the technology that pervades our everyday lives, and we do not always have to make small talk with the old lady sitting next to us on the subway. But what one can also do without is their boss reviewing their Facebook. All too often, it is heard about people getting fired for something they said or a picture they posted on Facebook. Sometimes it may be justified, but it is outrageous that a parent can see their kid's teacher enjoying a beer at a ballgame in the background of some picture posted by a friend of a friend and that teacher can lose her job. While the use of Facebook and other social media sites to catch and prosecute criminals may be justified, it should serve as a reminder to the rest of us that Big Brother is in fact watching us. In a lot of ways technology has gone way too far and there is no turning back. Products that were supposed to make our lives easier are making it harder in the long run.
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