Big Brother In North Korea, Oceania, 1984

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1984 Final Essay North Korea, Oceania, 1984, 2015, what do these things have in common? They are all related by their big brothers. Big brother is not a person, its an idea, an anti movement, a collar and muzzle for the people. Big brother is an evil force which only purpose is to control and stifle the growth of its younger siblings by use of brute force and spying. The use of lies to create false beliefs and paranoia amongst his siblings. Big brother is a more and more relevant and present force in everyday modern life of everyone from the basic American mailman to even a high ranking North Korean official. Big brother is an idea that was first brought to life in the post World war two world of the British author George Orwell. Orwell…show more content…
North Korea has been a hereditary dictatorship since 1948 starting with Kim Jong- il (Inside). North Korea is the most obvious “Big Brother” in our world today, because of how its hereditary dictatorship works. The people are brainwashed from the day they're born that all life and everything that they own is thanks to their “Glorious Leader” Kim jong- il. In the documentary “Inside North Korea” Lisa Ling showed us how the north korean people are so brainwashed by their government or as it could also be called “Big Brother” that when they have there cataracts repaired they thank their leader and not the doctor who actually fixed them. This brainwashing leads them to believe that anything and everything that happens to them is because of the great leader. An if they don't believe this or go against what the great leader says, then they are punished. Some of the punishments include torture, death or even worse than death imprisonment. imprisonment in North Korea is extremely bad because it doesn't just affect you, it affects your entire family, even those not born yet. If one person is arrested for saying or doing anything that goes against what the party or the great leader then three generations of their family are put into the internment camp and forced to work (Inside). This is how “Big Brother” can control how people act, but there is another way to control the population and thats called…show more content…
I would say that big brother is here now and watching all of us. However he comes in different forms, one being the North Korean brother who is a loud and blatant about his abuse, while in the west there is incognito big brothers who secretly keep tabs on us all. Big brother is not necessarily a bad force however, the big brother in the west keeps track of us all and takes out the bad apples when they appear. Its not until big brother becomes a force unable to be controlled or ousted by the people it watches that it becomes

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