Big And Bad By Malcolm Gladwell Analysis

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BIG AND BAD? WHO WILL DECIDE? ANALYSIS ESSAY In reality, what would you like to be on a road while driving, safe or unsafe? There is a lot of difference between feeling safe and being safe in actual. These are the certain things Malcolm Gladwell wants to make his readers familiar with through his article published in “The New Yorker” magazine. Through his personal experiences, statistics and with the citation of some credible persons in the automotive industry, Gladwell reveals several truths about the vehicle safety in his article “Big and bad”. Gladwell’s idea of introducing the general public to the vehicle safety and myth busting about safety is well woven with good…show more content…
In spite of being biased for a certain group of manufacturers, the transition from the body of the article to its end is smooth. The way Gladwell ends the article is quite impressive as the article ends with a question mark leaving it to the readers to decide. They can decide the either way, but the details provided by Gladwell would have to be considered. In conclusion, what we can say is that overall Gladwell’s article is informative, well written and well organized. The transition of the paragraphs is acceptable with topic sentences, which are well explained. However, Gladwell distracts at one or two places from his theme. In spite of all this, Gladwell’s transition from the body of the article to the end is smooth, which makes it a readable article. It is an informative article, but whether it persuades someone against purchasing an SUV, I doubt

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