Biden Vs Palin Debate Analysis

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The debate was very interesting. I thought that both sides had their pros and cons, but in the end, I thought that Joe Biden had the better argument, for multiple reasons. His speaking was very effective and, in my opinion, had a very influential argument. When he gave his points, he always seemed to have statistics to back up his argument. This made him more reliable as a candidate, because he has hard evidence, as opposed to Sarah Palin, who didn’t have many statistics at all. The lot of the ideas that Sarah Palin said didn’t have any analysis or elaboration. Another weakness was that she would talk about something that wasn’t necessary or stayed on a point for too long. But one thing about Sarah Palin that I didn’t like was how she used informal language a lot, like “say it ain’t so, Joe.” I think this hurt her professionalism a little bit. There was a lot of attacking on both sides on both parties and the attacks were both very strong, especially when it came to the war in Iraq and the energy crisis. But what I observed was that every time Palin attacked one of Biden’s points, he always responded to all of them, defending both him and Barack Obama. He contradicted most of the attack made by Palin or elaborated on the subject if the attack was taken out of context. Again, he used a lot of statistics in refuting, making his argument seem very reliable. On the other hand, Sarah Palin hadn’t responded with many statistics at all. She even avoided some of the attacks by smoothly changing the subject. I could definitely tell she couldn’t respond to some of the attacks made by Biden. Her evasion of the attacks hurt her credibility in my mind. Finally, I thought that Biden was more prepared for this debate and has more experience in politics. Sarah Palin seemed to struggle a little compared to Biden. She wasn’t as experienced as Biden either, as shown in when she said
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