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Biden Essay

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Vincent mirando
“Biden defends stimulus plan”
    Biden says, “The 787 billion dollar rescue has created or saved 500,000 to 750,000 jobs so far”.   I disagree, I don’t feel the economy has gotten any better since Obama has become president.   People are getting laid off at my job Babies R Us. The policy from the year 2000 compared to 2008 has changed drasticly. Todays   policy is no one can work over 30 hours. Full time workers are now part time workers.   90 % of Babies R Us employees lost there benefits, When people lose there benefits it not only effects one person it effects the whole nucular family. This is effecting me because I want to be more independent and im only feeling more and more frustrated.   im trying to get my own apartment and not rely on my parents I feel its impossible to do because of my jobs hours being cut.
Biden is promising positive change.   I feel the government is failing me and it hurts.   It hurts me because I cant do the things I want for my girlfriend or for myself on the salary I make.   I want to join the gym but the membership is to costly.   Im a Tradionilist, I feel like I should pay for everything when I take my girlfriend out. Because of the current state of the economy she pays half of the time. It makes me feel inadiquit that I cant always pay for all the meals we get. I want to be the provider As of right now we live with her parents and I want to get out and start a life of our own.
I am a very hard worker I refer to myself as a workacholic. I started my job in the spring and now this fall im promised a supervisor position. Even with my ambithous qualities and pride, this promotion still wont be paying me the amount I think I deserve. In the future I hope that they revise this stimlus plan and better the lives of the working class. I think that the working class are the hardest working people and we deserve more then what is offered as of right now. Obama promised us change, I hope he can...

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