Bicycle Thief Movie Review

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Chris Hunter Bicycles and Society Professor Steele Postwar Italy: Decaying Society It is clear in this film that the Italians were very poor, so much that stealing a bicycle alters a person’s life dramatically, immediately after the war. As seen in the beginning of the film, Ricci’s family was so poor, he and his wife had to collect all the sheets that they can gather from their house, turn them into the pawnshop to earn enough cash to buy a bicycle. Ricci would not be able to take part in his new job that he obtained because his bicycle was stolen, and he cannot buy a new one anymore. He became so desperate that he becomes a bicycle thief. Fortunately, his wrongdoing was stopped before he got away. As seen in this flow of the story, Ricci was happy when he had a bicycle that allowed him to have his new job, and be close to his family, but all of that changed as soon as his bicycle was stolen by the thief. I believe that the bicycle played a role as the deciding factor of Ricci’s future. As the fortune teller whom he met said that if he won’t find the bicycle then, then he will never find his bicycle. Which, I interpreted, meant that if he can’t find his bicycle, it would alter his future. Now, Ricci had the chance of finding his bicycle when he confronted the bicycle thief by filing a report on him, instead, he listens to the police officer, who said that the entire community would testify for the bicycle thief, and cowers away from the mob. As a result, he becomes the bicycle thief himself in the end of the film, becoming this character that depicts of a pitiful, shameful being. This film struck me that something simple as a bicycle was considered a fortune long before I was born. I cannot look at my bicycle the same way as the time before I watched the film, The Bicycle

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