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Karishma Patel Ms. Wahlquist English & Composition 1102 April 11, 2011 Comprehending the reasons behind cheating Batane, Tshepo. "Turning to Turnitin to Fight Plagiarism among University Students." Journal of Educational Technology & Society 13.2 (2010): 1-12. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 4 Apr. 2011. The author argues why it is essential to fight plagiarism among students. He argues that, “apart from imparting academic knowledge to students, universities and colleges have a responsibility to impart moral and ethical values to students.” Plagiarism is morally wrong; therefore, students should be discouraged from engaging in it. Batane provides us with a way of fighting plagiarism. He offers a website called It is a web based software used to detect plagiarism. Batane says that several success stories have been reported which claim to have caught various students copying from web sources. This website promotes honest academic writing. Overall, this article offers a very effective and efficient way of detecting plagiarism and would be very useful for my final paper when mentioned the remedies of cheating. Bruwelheide, J.. (2010). Plagiarism: Trends, Thoughts, Suggestions. TechTrends, 54(5), 22-24. Retrieved April 04, 2011, from Career and Technical Education. (Document ID: 2144022951). Bruwelheide argues that the availability of so much information online makes it easy to misunderstand how to use the information willfully or otherwise. He also suggests that honor codes and treating plagiarism as a crime have been ineffective for various reasons. Merely warning students for cheating will remain ineffective as they will repeatedly make the same mistake over and over again because they realize that the teacher will not do much about it besides give a warning. Bruwelheide also provides many helpful resources for catching plagiarism with
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