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Thoreau` s view of life and its modern meanings CHEN Cai2yi Abstract :H. D. Thoreau , an American writer in the 19th century , expresses his view of life in Walden and other works by his experiment and thinking : He is strongly against money2seeking and calls on the simplification of material life. He pursues the full spiritual life. He renews himself continually and wants to establish the spiritual mansion. He tries to form a balance between civi2 lization and nature and become a rooster to waken up those who are numb in life. His contemporaries do not appreciate his view that still gets in the way of some modern developments. But more and more people are seeing the good of his view that has even become the spiritual source of some modern movements as environmental protection , etc. Key words :Thoreau ; simplify ; spirit ; balance ; spiritual source Homeland of Spir it An Interpretat ion o f Wald en LI Mengmeng ( Department of Foreign Langu age, Lu oyang Inst itut e of Sci ence and T ech nology, Lu oyang 471023, Ch ina) Abstract:Walden w as considered to be Thoreau's Declarat ion of Spiritual Independence. He probed in to the issues of how on earth human being s should live their liv es and the v alues and meaning s o f life. The author of this paper thinks the ideo log y of t ranscendentalism conv ey ed in Walden has some simi larit ies to that of the Chan sect of Buddhism because bo th consider that Man can st rive to achieve his spir itual per fect ion through inner so urce; Natur e is the embodiment of the univer sal Spirit ; Intuit ion plays an important role in Man's spiritual perfect ion. Thoreau made an indepth interpretation of the ar tistic life by w ay of his aesthetic life pr act ice. Key words: Thoreau; Walden; tr anscendentalism; the Chan sect of Buddhism; art ist ic life Returning to Nature ———Thoreau and His“Walden
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