Biblical Views of Science, Technology, and Business/ Utilitarianism Essay

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In the journey from childhood to adulthood we learn about the morals, values, and the virtues of life. We learn what is good versus bad and right from wrong. These terms, which are the basis of ethics, are imprinted in us to reference in all types of situations and circumstances. The business world we live in today is built from science and technology. So how does this Book that was written several thousands of years ago have to say about the modern civilization? Ethics can be defined as ‘the study and evaluation of human conduct in the light of moral principles’. In the bible there are certain ethical teachings for example, The Ten Commandments, which defines what people must do in order to serve God faithfully and gives direction on how to live a life to be a good Christian person. With love being the main concept of the Bibles ethical teachings, Christians are shown how to live a happy truthful life. The Bible is a guidance for one to see how they may aspire to make moral and ethical decisions. When one thinks of Christian code of ethical conduct and morality, the Ten Commandments are immediately brought to mind The Ten Commandments are the first part of God's law system. Just as the Bible has a system of “right” and “wrong”, so does the business world we live in today. Science cannot determine its own destiny, and it does not discover truth. It cannot choose what will be developed and how it will be used. Therefore choices of research and development have to be made. Those who work in the business world determine how to use science to understand the nature of the world God created. Science or technology itself is neither bad nor good, moral or ethical. It can be used in morally wrong or ethically right ways. The evil is in individuals, groups, or government who are in positions of power to use science and technology to achieve their own goals. This is seen in

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