Biblical References Grapes Of Wrath Essay

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Vinay Nayak Mrs. Gilvary AP English pd. 3 February 7, 2010 Biblical References What kinds of Biblical references can be seen in The Grapes of Wrath? Throughout the novel, many different major and minor Biblical references can be seen. One such example of a minor Biblical reference can be seen with Tom Joad and with his contact between the dust sprouting through his feet, symbolizing the time when Adam was created from the Earth. One other major Biblical reference can be seen with the Joad family’s preparation for the flood, closely referencing the time when Noah spent his time packing up the ark with animals. Another Biblical reference that can be seen indirectly in the novel is with Jim Casey and with Jesus Christ. This allusion can be seen because Casey is symbolic to Christ in the way that he takes leadership throughout the novel, mainly with giving praise to the family. Parallel to Casey’s reference with Christ, the character of Pa Joad can be viewed as a true Christian man who struggles in the world that he lives in because of the many conflicts he faces throughout his journey. Also throughout the novel, the migrant movement from Oklahoma to California can be seen as a Biblical reference to the mass Exodus of the Jews. In general, the Biblical references to the novel are significant because they emphasize the journey of the Joads to California and also because they describe the faith that is needed to sustain life and to have faith in order to survive. In the beginning of the novel, after Tom Joad is out of the McAlester penitentiary, he is in a scene where his feet come into contact with the earth and the dust. For example, Tom “works his damp feet comfortably in the hot dry dust until little spurts of it up between his toes” (17). In this quote, Tom’s feet come into contact with the earth and the combination between the sweat on his feet

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