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Introduction: How often in life are we presented with the decision to choose right from wrong? We go about or daily lives having to make numerous decisions on what is considered the correct thing to do and what is considered the incorrect thing to do. In Chapter 3 of Genesis we read that Adam and Eve as the first humans also had to make the decision to choose between what was right and what was wrong. We learn that the devil in disguise tempts Eve to eat from them the forbidden tree and directly disobey God. Did Eve make the right decision or did she as we often do give into temptation? Context: In Gen. Ch. 3 the very first opportunity for a human to make the decision to obey or disobey God occurs. The devil disguised as a serpent approaches Eve in the garden and asks her what has God told you that you can eat. Her response was anything but the fruit from one particular tree. We know this tree to be the tree of knowledge of what is good and what is evil. God had had Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of this tree lest they die. The serpent tries to tempt Eve and tell her that no way does she die if she eats of the tree. Eve eats from the tree and then tells Adam to do the same. Adam is then presented with the choice between right and wrong and gives into temptation and eats from the tree. God responds to Adam and Eve’s disobedience by banishing them from the garden. This banishment was not without a sign of god’s grace though. He promises that one day an offspring of a woman will one day crush the serpent. So when God responded the way he did He showed that He is a loving God. By punishing Adam and Eve, God ultimately restored the relationship between us through a Savior. It’s difficult to understand how God could punish Adam and Eve for making the wrong decision when they didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Compare this to parents
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