Biblical Leaders Essay

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Effective Biblical Leaders MSL658 Principles of Executive Leadership Belhaven University Dr. Linda Brandon July 16, 2015 Effective Biblical Leaders Leadership is a characteristic that just about anybody could have if we willingly choose to focus our life on serving Christ. However, an individual do not have to believe in Christ or have a relationship to be an effective leader. Throughout the bible are numerous illustrations of great leadership. These key illustrations of great and righteous men and women are the fundamentals as to how those individuals should carry themselves as well as an example of what a profound leader should be. Os Hillman states that, God’s view of an effective leader has nothing to do with their abilities (Hillman, 2015). Leaders come in various forms, and I would like to think that the Bible gives us three examples of those types of effective leaders: called, courageous, and anointed. One type of leader the Bible talks about is the ones that are called. These particular individuals are leaders that are not skilled to be one. However, God chose them to carry out his will and he has equipped those individuals with the ability to do so. As leaders, their role is to enhance the God’s Kingdom. One leader that comes to mind is Moses, one of the greatest leader in the Old Testament. Why did God choose Moses? What purpose could Moses serve in enhancing God’s Kingdom? God chose Moses simply because he was willing and able to hear God’s call. The bible tells us in Exodus 3:4, when Moses was at the burning bush, called him and Moses stated, “Here Am I.” Moses was ready to except the call. Moses had a strength of character and motivation to follow God, which led God to choose him. God called Moses simply because he knew that Moses was capable of leading his people out of Pharaoh’s hand. The thing we must realize is that when God call us to
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