Biblical Inerrancy Essay

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THE BATTLE FOR INERRANCY The Battle Ground Every analyst of the Bible should realize that the Book [the Bible] is a veritable miasma of contradictions, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, poor science, bad math, inaccurate geography, immoralities, degenerate heroes, false prophecies, boring repetitions, childish superstitions, silly miracles, and dry-as-dust discourse...If there is any aspect in which the Bible is unique among pieces of literature it lies in the number of contradictions it contains. For one to list all of the Bible's inconsistencies would require score of chapters if not several books.[1] This is a statement from the Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy, a book whose existence demonstrates the apostasy in our world today. The long held belief in the full authority of the Bible is being attacked today by many within the Christian faith, who claim that Christianity stands upon a Bible with errors. Many eminent evangelicals have joined the battle over the years on the side of inerrancy including: Beegle, Jewett, Davis, Rogers, McKim, Daniel P. Fuller, George E. Ladd, William S. LaSor, Charles Kraft, Robert Mounce, and F. F. Bruce, and many more.[2] At stake is more than just a doctrine of some minor importance but a doctrine on which the whole of Scripture hinges. Ryrie points out that errantists today affect seminary students who affect their churches and consequently, affect their denominations.[3] These false teachers plant seeds of doubt in the minds of many, assuring them that they can have their cake (the authority of the Bible) and eat it too (the errors in the Bible).[4] When the entire debate is over the simple truth remains, the rejection of Biblical inerrancy may very well imply a lack of a hardened heart commitment to God.[5] What Does Inerrancy Mean? In article XII of the landmark Chicago

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