Biblical Babylon: Center of the Earth Essay

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Courtlandt Perkins November 7, 2012 Biblical Babylon: Center of the Earth Origins and History * The name Babylon The earliest mention of a name referencing Babylon occurs in a text of a King Shargalisharri of the Akkadian dynasty in Sumerian read as “Ka-dingir” meaning gate of god. (Andre Parrot, 15) The Akkadians translated this literally as Bab-ilu which had the same “gate of the gods” meaning, which in later text from the Neo-Babylonian period takes the form Bab-ilani. In studying the etymology of the name Babylon further, some have related the “Babel” from the Hebrew Bible account in Genesis 11 to the origins of the name Babylon. The actual origin of Babylon is not clear but in an account from the Babylonian Chronicle and other sources “that king claims to have removed rubble or dust from a clay pit at Babylon and heaped it up near, or in front of Agade naming it Babylon” (Wiseman, 1985; 43). Rise of the people During the fall of the Dynasty of Ur around 2000BCE, a Semitic speaking people began to migrate from the desert areas of the Near East into Mesopotamia. This group of people was the Amorites who were nomadic people that eventually began to settle and overtake various city-states, including Babylon, within Mesopotamia and help destroy the Sumerian civilizations that were already present. One of these city-states were “Larsa” dominated the area primarily in the Mesopotamia, but this was brought under new leadership once the Amorite king “Kadur-mabug” captured Larsa ( Guisepi, Robert A). The Amorites dominated Mesopotamia around 1900-1600BCE and adopted a lot of the culture from the surrounding area. Larsa held on to some of is prominence until it was completely conquered when the sixth king of eleven of this first dynasty of Babylon came into power. These events show how this period of Mesoptamian history is marked by various changes in power and

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