Biblical Acts of worship

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modes of worship mark garner - associate Pastor worship & creative Arts first baptist church Hurst, Tx During this time we will be looking at over 30 biblical ___________, ________, ________ of worship that can be incorporated into our worship services. List out as many elements of worship that you can think of right now… Ex. Singing, praying, preaching, shouting, dancing ect. • Many of these are “no-brainer” things we already do i.e. singing, prayer, scripture • Others are elements found in scripture that we do periodically i.e. communion, baptism • Others may be acts or elements of worship we have purposefully omitted • Others may be acts or elements we have never thought of i.e. wave offerings, raised heads, standing with reverence, silence before the Lord etc… THE GOAL If as Christian worship leaders We say we believe the ____________, then our worship services must be ____________. If they are to be ___________, they must include the elements found in the ____________. “The church is reconsidering and reconfiguring this vital expression of its relationship with God. As a result, we more than ever need to study worship in its biblical context. From Genesis chapter 1, through the offerings of Cain & Abel; the sacrificial worship in the tabernacle, and the themes and poetry of Psalms; the intercessory prayers of the prophets and the teachings of Jesus; right on to the charismatic worship of the book of Acts and Corinthians, and the heavenly worship in Revelation, we need to know biblical worship, because anything else will not be acceptable to God.” Chuck Smith Jr. “Depth & Breadth in our Worship” Worship Leader july/august 2003 A BASIC GIVEN “All our worship must flow from a pure___________”  Jesus in
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