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>Adam- -Seen in the book of Genesis -the first human in the genesis creation -can refer to any human being in general -God cursed Adam -God expelled Adam from the garden for sinning >Lilith- -Adam’s first wife -wasn’t obedient -Adam asked for a new wife -the first woman >Eve- -first woman mentioned in the bible -eve is associated with the snake -lived with Adam in the garden of Eden -ate from the tree of knowledge >Cain -son of Adam and Eve -first human born -first murderer -killed his brother Abel >Abel -Eve’s second son -killed by Cain because of jealousy that his offering to God was better and his blood spilled over the land >The Serpent -responsible for the “fall of man” -creature who is considered a trickster -promotes good in what God as forbidden -tempts Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge -was forced to crawl on it’s belly for all of eternity >Noah -story of noah and the ark -genesis flood narrative -10th of the preflood patriarchs -Noah has 3 sons; Japeth, shem, and ham -died at age 950 >Avram/Abraham -founding father of the Israelites -story told in Genesis—develops a covenant with God -told by God to offer his son as a sacrifice -didn’t offer his son up for sacrifice -introduced circumcision -God asked him to move his people to the promised land >Sarai/Sarah -wife of Abraham -Mother of Isaac -hebrew word for “princess” -other wife was Hagar >Hagar -biblical person in the book of genesis -egyptian hand maid of sarah -second wife of Abraham -mother of ishmel -given to Abraham because Sarah could not conceive at first >Lot -Book of genesis -travels with his uncle Abraham -father is Haran -offered someone his virgin daughters -daughter’s seduced him and raped him when he was drunk - >Lot’s Daughters -sexually abused Lot and had his

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