Bible as Literature Essay

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The Bible as Literature - Is the bible or has the bible been understood as part or literature The bible is made up of two parts: 1. LAWS AND 2. STORIES (Rachel & Leah, Noah’s Arc, etc) 2. * stories are told for lessons and morals not only religious morals but life morals as well * purpose to teach a lesson Jewish bible has been studied this way throughout history by Jews MIDRASH- Hebrew word for explanation, lesson - Rabbis used to take to the community about the portion of the bible they studied (Sat. afternoon, use to) **destruction of 2nd temple to ?? - Original way of studying the bible was to study the bible with the Midrash so you can learn the lessons from it. - Bible interested what you learned from this lessons, they don’t take the stories literally but for the lessons within them. NOT FACTS BUT LESSONS - Typical way of describing the Jewish way of religion Middle Ages 1000 CE: - they took the midrash and the lessons and they built on them, distinguished btn 2 stories depending on what the lessons were. - continued looking for the lessons in the bible - tradition came out of it; to really understand the ideas and words of what the bible meant. Studied the literal meaning PESHAT- literal meaning of the bible -in the middle ages everything was about g-d, if g-d told you to sacrifice your son you would do it for g-d. Now in days everyone thinks about themselves first g-d second. - Christians began to explain the bible literally as well because they had to keep up with the Jews * Until the 1600’s the focus was on g-d, one thing that is a very big problem when your entire focus is on g-d and the lessons in the bible is WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PPL? How can it be that good ppl can suffer. It is the most fundamental problem in the history of the world. - Jew philosophers of the Middle Ages tried to deal

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