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THE BIBLE DEPICTS AN UNRELIABLE AND INCONSISTENT REPRESENTATION OF GOD The Bible comes from the Greek word Byblos which means book. Some people claim the Bible is inspired and inerrant. This means that the Bible claims to be from God and it is without error in everything it addresses. It is a range of 66 books written by about 40 authors, in three different languages, on three different continents. It gives unreliable and inconsistent representation of God full of repetition because they exist for different purposes. The reasons for the inconsistencies representations of God are due to how the bible is made and the way it’s been used. All the books are made for different purposes The bible is more importantly divided into the old and new testament. The Old Testament was written from 1400 BC to 400 BC and used by 3 monotheistic religions. The books of the Old Testament are also broken up into sections. Some books are about law, prophets, wisdom and history all showing different sides of God. These images of God differ due to the range of beliefs and different interpretations of him. Some stories depict a wrathful god killing people for disobeying him, wiping out towns and other stories show a compassionate, gracious God slow to anger abounding in anger and faithfulness. The New Testament added inconsistent and unreliability to the true image of God. It was written between 30-100 years after the death of Jesus Christ and is also broken up into sections; gospels, history, letters and prophecy. These books depict a common image of a forgiving, loving and accepting God. Fundamentalist believe the bible is the direct word of god; it in fact speaks with many voices. They believe the universe was made in 6 days because God was all powerful, they would interpret literally the laws of the bible, seeing god as a law makers. There’s a problem because there’s a

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