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Marylin Carson BIBL 410 Interpertive Question 3 Professor Joseph Pendley “Who was the “man” with Jacob wrestled”? With whom is Jacob wrestling? It is with a “man” who is more than a man. The struggle continues through the night, neither contestant bein able to beat the other. Finally, his opponent dislocates Jocab’s hip, but Jacob persists. He will not give up the struggle until he has a blessing, the blessing of knowing what God intends for him. It did not suffice that twenty years previously he had a vision, or a dream in which he saw a great stairway reaching up to heaven and angels going up and down on it. At the head of it was the Lord, who told him that he, Jacob, would have an innumerable posterity, and that He, the Lord, would give them the land upon which Jacob was now sleeping and futher more, that He would be with Jacob and protect him. Old Testament: Exegesis & hermeneutics. Author: Sandberg, Karl…show more content…
The narrative first call him a “man”. But daybreak. If Jacob has not discerned that he is striving with something, or someone, more than just a “man”; the adversary’s entreaty, “Let me go, for dawn is breaking, “suggests something supernatural is at play. The Hebrew word for angel (malakh) is actually not used in the story. The adversary re-names Jacob as “Israel,” which is a play upon the word meaning “struggling with Elohim, “and Jacob names the place of the struggle Peni-el, “meaning I have seen Elohim face-to-face and I came out
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