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Biased or Unbiased In the essay “Conspiracy against Assimilation” by Robert J. Samuelson, he explains the two proposals that are being debated on how to deal with America’s immigration problems. The first takes a harsh approach by making being here illegally a felony, which would make it extremely difficult for illegal immigrants to stay here and eventually they’ll have no other choice but to go back to where they came from. The second is to provide work permits for those who would usually sneak in, this way there would be no shortages in unskilled workforce. Samuelson disagrees with both of the proposals and proposes a different approach to solving our immigration issues. As Samuelson explains the two proposals and suggests new ideas, he mainly uses the Latino (Hispanic) population as an example to support his arguments. Hispanics are larger than any other immigrant population in the United States, having large numbers of legal, illegal and second generation immigrants. It is for this fact that I believe Samuelson mentions the Hispanic population quite often throughout his essay. Hispanics often are the group; people usually associate with illegal immigrants, mostly due to the fact that the majority of the illegal immigrants that comes to the U.S do so through the Mexican border. In many cases they may not even be Hispanic, like my cousin who is from Brazil and went to Mexico because she was unable to get a visa from the American embassy in Brazil to enter the country legally and ended up going to México to cross the border illegally. Because they’re coming through the Mexican border people will assume they are Mexican or Hispanic. In my opinion Samuelson uses Hispanics in an unbiased way. They are usually the most talked about when it comes to immigrant population in our current times, like with the immigration issues in Arizona. When you hear in the media

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