Bias In The Boston Massacre

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Detecting Bias In the first article, written by anonymous, the biased idea presented is that the British soldiers went above and beyond the orders that were needed to keep the drunken American colonists in line. It describes the event of the Boston Massacre in the favor of the American colonists. It paints the picture that the Americans were in no way looking for trouble and the British soldiers acted out of spite and not in actual context to the situation. In this article, the British troops are mainly blamed for the Boston Massacre. For example in the sentence, “As [the British] were the procuring cause of troops being sent hither, they must therefore be the remote and a blamable cause of all the disturbances and bloodshed…” it shows what…show more content…
His account of the night of the Boston Massacre was quite different from the article published by anonymous; in fact it was completely the opposite. The main thing that differs this article from the first is the point of view and the image that is being portrayed for both parties (British soldiers and the American colonists). In this account, Captain Thomas Preston shows that it was not in fact the British troops that started the warfare, but rather the American colonists whom acted out and attacked the British troops first. “On Monday night about 8 o’clock two soldiers were attacked and beat”. In this report it seems that the British troops were only defending themselves and in no way wanted the situation to get as out of hand as it did. In addition it seems that the British were not there to fight; rather they were sent by the Captain to merely protect the “sentry and the king’s money”. Thus they were in no way doing anything wrong. However as they arrived towards the scene, they suddenly became ambushed by American colonists who yelled, clubbed, etc… towards the British soldiers. According to Captain Thomas Preston, they could do nothing to prevent it from happening as “the mob still increased”. They only fought to protect themselves; seen in, “while I [Captain Thomas Preston] was speaking, one of the soldiers…received a severe blow with a stick.” This shows that the troops were being attacked by the American
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