Bias Essay

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Bias is that the conclusion may be incorrect because a person’s unintentional prejudice interpretation of data. Bias can be observed in Broca’s work, when he studied brain size and intelligence. He assumed was that the bigger brain size the more intelligent an individual is. Broca’s interpretation of evidence made his conclusions not credible. Broca’s evidence was that in modern society men have larger brains than females and a supposed increase in male superiority through time. Broca calculated that on average a male’s brain is 181 grams heavier then a female’s brain. Although, he never considered the cause of death or the size of the brain proportionally measured to the body. The brain may reduce size and weight if you die from a degenerative disease as compared to an accident or a killing where the brain averages 60 grams more. Broca also calculated that the difference between a female’s and a male’s prehistoric skull circumference was 99.5 cubic centimeters and now the difference ranges between 129.5 cubic centimeters and 220.7 cubic centimeters. From that Data he concluded that men have gotten smarter over time and women have not gotten that much smarter over time. But this is not credible data because he did not have a big enough sample size, when finding the average difference in circumference size between prehistoric males and females. Also, his assumptions were biased because he thought a bigger brain meant more intelligence. Finally, all the researchers that produced this data were males and were most likely prejudice toward their gender. Gould’s conclusion was that, “all this work was irrelevant and highly injurious.” I agree with this statement because although the data was not biased, the way Broca interpreted it as a bigger brain means you are more intelligent was biased. Therefore, this data did not prove his hypothesis and it hurt the self-esteem

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