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BI102 LECTURE and LAB SCHEDULE - Fall 2012 Instructor Dr. Lisa Bartee; email: The following is a TENTATIVE outline of the course content. It may change due to institutional needs, class needs, or weather problems. It is YOUR responsibility to keep informed of such changes by attending class, by listening to the news broadcasts (bad weather/emergencies), and by checking announcements on MyMHCC. TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE - *marks an assignment that is due on that date |Week |Tuesday Lecture |Thursday Lecture |Tuesday Lab | |1 |Class Intro…show more content…
| |2 |102.1 – How does a mutation lead to SCA? |102.1 – How does a mutation lead to SCA? |LAB #2 – Library Lab | |4/8-4/12 |-Protein Synthesis |-Protein Synthesis |*Prelab for Lab #2 | | |*Basic Background Notes due |*Clicker Quiz #1 |

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