Bhp’s Olympic Dam Project Essay

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BHP’s Olympic Dam Project Introduction BHP Billiton is one of the leading global companies which work to continue its growth by on the basis of their strong operational, financial and strategic functions and activities. The organization emphasizes to maximize long term value of its shareholders through discovering, acquiring, developing and marketing of natural resources. This organization focuses on creating and maintaining a culture that would reflect respect for others, corporate and personal integrity and ethical standards (Thompson, 2009, pp. 12). BHP has planned to build the world’s largest uranium and copper mine in South Australia being aware of the losses that they would probably be facing in future. The losses would incur because of the slowing down of economy of the resources which will need to construct the dam. The dam which the organization was planning to build was around 30 square kilometers in the selected area of South Australia. Te dam was planned to be constructed with a length of 4 feet and depth of 1 foot. The total expenses that were estimated to complete this project were £ 20 billion (Olympic Dam Expansion, 2009, pp. 14). It was noticed that the prices of the main material that were required by BHP decreased which caused a problem in the continuation of this project. China is the world’s largest consumer of metals, but they also experienced a major fall in the prices of copper and uranium during the past several months. These fall in prices caused difficulties for BHP in continuing this project. BHP has already committed to invest $22.8 billion in this project during this financial year. The changes in economy and prices of important commodities like uranium, copper, coal and iron ore made it difficult for BHP to gain profit on the business activities relating to this project, instead they were only left to live within their limits.

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