Beyond the Journey Essay

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Beyond the Journey “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” Gandhi. This quote applies to Phileas Fogg in the adventure and science fiction novel Around the World in Eighty Days written by Jules Verne in 1873. The story focuses on late 17th century society and ideas. Mishaps, danger, excitement and love encountered during journey can change one’s values and worldviews, through which one can truly discover himself or herself. The story opens in London, England where Fogg and his recently recruited partner Passepartout, make a wager with members of the reform club to journey across the globe in eighty days. They travel to Suez, Bombay, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Yokohama, San Francisco and New York City, which at the time was thought to be impossible. At the beginning of their travels, Fogg simply wants to quickly pass by each country without any intention of exploring the culture or scenery. He is merely concerned with getting back to London on time to receive the wager. “In the way this strange gentleman was going on, he would leave the world without having done any good to himself or anybody else.” (Verne 42) His attitude should concern people, that in the future the world could be perceived as nothing more than a place to live. Many might think that this famous journey is to explore and discover the many remarkable wonders of the world when the initial purpose is in fact a journey to get extra cash. However, while in India they must purchase an elephant to carry them to their next destination. On their way they come across a procession of Brahmins who are preparing for an involuntary sacrifice of a young woman named Aouda who has been heavily drugged. Then, Fogg asks “Suppose we save this woman…. I have yet twelve hours to spare; I can devote them to that.”(Verne 55). Following some hesitation and a few challenges they are able to succeed and save

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