Beyond the Eyes Essay

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Recently, I went to the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities where the blind kids live and learn how to do things on their own. I have seen blind kids smiling and lived like they can see even though they were blind. First time, I thought that everyone was not given equally but I have changed my mind when I went there. On that day, I did a lot of activities with them. First I saw a video about blind kids. Then the staff led us play a game that was about testing our memory capacity. My friends and I had to remember the names of those blind kids – five for boys and five for girls. It would quiet unfair if only we had to remember the names of those blind kids, so those boys and girls also had to remember our names too. When I asked their names and how old are they, they answered me with a clear and cheerful voice which gave us lots of energy to play the game! The next game was a dancing game. Everyone including the disabled kids had to sit in one circle. The game was that our hands had to overlap in the center when the sign was given. Once the staff said, the hand on the top had to dance in front of everyone. I was the one of the victims, though I had so much fun! I had the opportunity to take one girl, Som, by hand to the soccer field. While we were walking, she asked my name and talked about her favorite stars! She was so friendly and talkative. She looked happier than me even though she cannot see anything, which really made me admire her. One thing that I was amazed by is that they can play soccer! I was one of the volunteers to play with them. They covered my eyes with a piece of cloth before going on the field. When the ball came to me, I could not do anything not even move. I did not hear the ball until kids cheered when a goal was made. How could they know when the ball was coming and which direction it came from? They must have very

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