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Beyond Postmodernity: Living and Thinking. A Nietzschean Journey by Norbert Koppensteiner, 2009* Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose Kris Kristofferson To think is to voyage Gilles Deleuze On Moving: A Personal Preface It has always been important for me to move. I was born and brought up in Europe, in the closed and narrow confines of the Tyrolean Alps, yet what has always drawn me to North America is the longing for the vastness of its space, the desire to remain itinerant on an ever shifting trajectory, to become-imperceptible under an open horizon. There is something strangely compelling about the open plains and steppes, something that clears the mind and stills the chatter of thought. I believe that this activity of movement for prolonged periods of time has a meditative quality that is enhanced when combined with the emptiness of sky and earth. At junctures in my life I have sought out those unusual physical or mental spaces which disrupt established procedures of living and thinking. At times I have half-jokingly referred to my life as permanent state of exception. The patterns that are so forming can be followed only in hindsight; they constitute a series of positions and trace a path on a map that is constantly being redrawn. I understand to move in the very sense denoted by its use as verb: as a practice, a doing. Also when used as a noun, movement, motion, what for me is implied is not so much a quality which a body can possess (to “have” movement), but rather a being in motion. “Having motion” implies a pre-given body to which motion is just added as an additional quality. It propels a body through a medium (like space or time), with the body remaining self-identical throughout the movement. “Being in motion,” however, turns moving into a productive category. The being is then not a stability but a becoming. Being in motion is a

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