Beware of the Myth Essay

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According to the CT State Library, Undercliff Sanatorium originally opened in the early 1930’s and threw much of the 30’s and 40’s. The sanatorium was dedicated exclusively for sick children who were brought there to basically die. During the 1950’s it was turned into a mental intuition for all ages. The Sanatorium closed down in May of 1976. Being abandoned for about a decade now, it can easily be forgotten, but urban legend keeps it alive claiming that the old sanatorium is still in use-by ghost of former patients. Located in Meriden, CT off of exit 5 on 691 make a left off the exit and Undercliff road is immediately on the right hand side. Not to mention it sits directly across from the Westfield shopping mall. Even with the amount of traffic that passes by, the sanatorium can’t be noticed from the road. The Sanatorium sits on top of an old creepy hill very secluded from the rest of the town. The creepiness of the old mental hospital past is distracted by the beauty of South Mountain (Cat hole Mt.) in the back view and the overgrown beauty off the wood surrounding the area. However getting up there isn’t easy since it is patrolled by local cops constantly and going up to during the day wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. However you can sneak up to the old hospital at night blending in with the darkness, but that doesn’t sound smart either. One way to get up there is hiking up and around half of South Mt. or you can hike the surrounding wood. Not to mention there is no map for either route your basically following what you think is the right way. If you don’t like the woods or hiking especially at night you can take your chance and just walk up the long hill, but good luck. Being State property it is off limits to the general public, although that didn’t stop me and my friends from going on an adventure. One summer night we decided to go. We knew we couldn’t

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