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Is there a more terrifying idea to some parents that our children could one day go to Pepsi, Coke High or even a Dr. Pepper Elementary School? This possibility is brought up by Nadya Labi in her essay “Classrooms for Sale.” As couple decades ago many would think that this sort of corporate ownership of our schools is something that would be beyond belief. As the author sees, it appears that this is the road that our schools are taking nowadays. According to Labi’s essay, she is strongly opposed turning public school classrooms into billboards for commercial product. Analyzing the essay, there is a noticeably understanding that Labi gives tons of facts and evidences to support her point of view. She states that I the past months public school deals with cola companies have soared 300% to a record 150%, furthermore she claims that this, is a great example to prove that schools are open for business. She also maintains that District 11, a school in Colorado, has a 10 year $8 million contract with the soft-drink company Coke. Additionally, the author states that in 1998, within the same school (District 11) staff and students consumed 30,000 cases of Coke beverages. The author brings few quotes into her essay to support her view; however one of them is against her own point of view. First, a quote from the Secretary of education, Richard Riley “Better education is everyone’s business.” Another citation from Andrew Hagelshaw – director at the Center for Commercial-Free Public Education in Oakland, CA goes like this: “Advertisers realize that schools are the perfect place to develop new markets. Kids can’t switch the channel.” Last but not least, a quote by Roger Rogalin – President of the publishing company’s school division: “We believe in a branded society, and these are things kids are

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