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Betye Irene Saar was born in Los Angeles, California and is an American Artist that was known for her assemblage work. She is also a painter, graphic artist, mixed media, and an educator. Betye Saar creates work typically consisting of found objects arranged within boxes or windows, with items drawing on various cultures reflecting her own mixed heritage. Her heritage consisted of an African, a Native American, an Irish and a Creole . She began to work on a representational work of art “The Liberation of Aunt Jemima” in the 1970’s and it is an amazing work of art, made up of a collage of Aunt Jemima in three different forms. Aunt Jemima represents her engagement how the black would viewed in the community and in the way Aunt Jemima was viewed throughout the years. The art work is well balanced with the arrangement of Aunt Jemima and the emphasis on all three of the Aunt Jemima stand out. The work of art is representational and also has a sense of repetition because Aunt Jemima was repeated three times, but yet it also has a variety in its elements. The background is a repetition of squares and in the center of the square the image of Aunt Jemima is placed. The picture that is being used of Aunt Jemima is a picture where she has a white bandana over her hair and her face in the picture is of her with a very big smile. Aunt Jemima looks very happy in the picture that is being used to form the pattern for the background. The background has a bright red color with a black print on the bottom of the square and both colors are significant because one is a primary color and the other color is a color that doesn’t reflect the light. The square also has a tint of white which lightens up the red into a lighter red, making the texture in the art work look a little old. The black print on the bottom of the square says, Aunt Jemima and since the color black it absorbs

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