Between Two Essay

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Between Two Ever see one of those high school love stories made into a movie where there is a triangle between friends? The love triangle between friends causes major conflict and painful heart breaks. Would you assume right away that it is the guy’s fault for causing the triangle to occur? Maybe the boy does not know that the other girl likes him too because she does not say anything. Or would you just say it was bad timing for all three? This triangle between friends involves two lovely young ladies and a shy and immature boy. For those three, senior year was supposed to be a great year, their last year as high school students. The time of the senior prom and graduation is quickly coming. During fifth period in Anatomy class, Paul and a few friends sat in the same row. In the very same row there were two girls that Paul did not know at the beginning of the year but are now friends; however one of the girls, Paul knew who she was already even before having anatomy class with her. Her name was Shelly. One of Paul’s friends has had a crush on Shelly for years, since middle school. That’s how Paul knew who she was. Shelly was pretty and so was her friend Stacey. Paul always had been sitting next to Stacey in class. Stacey had always made room for Shelly to sit at the end of the row next to her. Everyone in the row in anatomy class had become friends within few weeks. Stacey, a girl Paul had known since middle school, was very quiet, very academic and intelligent. She had already broken up with her boyfriend sometime during senior year. “She is single,” said one of Paul’s friends during lunch break. Prom is almost here, and the whole school is excited to get ready for prom and everything that comes with it. Things such as making posters of couples dressed up for prom posted all over school. Also deciding where this year’s prom would take
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