Between The Lines 12: The Carved Table By Mary Peterson

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Module 1: Activity 5 "The Carved Table" Suggested activity duration: 1.5 hours Background Information Marblehead, Massachusetts, where the story is set, is situated on the Atlantic Ocean just 30 km northeast of Boston. It is one of the oldest towns in the United States, tracing its foundation back to a land sale in 1684. Today the picturesque town of 20,000 permanent residents is a major tourist attraction, valued for its narrow crooked streets, historically important houses, and beautiful harbour crowded with sailing, fishing, lobster, and pleasure boats. Part A: Knowledge and Understanding Readings * Between the Lines 12: "The Carved Table" by Mary Peterson, Pages 365 - 367. Comprehension The term "foil" is used in literature to mean a stark contrast between two…show more content…
List the details you learn of the family in the first three paragraphs. How important is the opening of the story in providing you with information to understand the rest of the story and the conflicts? 5. A number of words are clearly used pejoratively in this selection: glossy, thoroughbred, mesmerized, rich, exactly, expensive, smooth-skinned. Find these words in the text and identify the negative qualities associated with them. The narrator has used them in a negative connotation, so that you can see his viewpoint of the characters and theme. How does he view the whole situation at the table? 6. Show that Marblehead is an appropriate name for the setting. Considering the narrator's viewpoint on the family, how is it ...sort of...funny? Part C: Communication/Application Have you ever been in a social situation where you felt extremely uncomfortable because you were aware of a vast difference between you and the others present? Explain what the situation was like and how you dealt with it. And then what happened...? Post your answer on the Module 1 discussion board, thread called "Uncomfortable". Once you have posted your response, choose another student's posting to comment
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