Between The Father And The Son In Cormac Maccarthy's The Road

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The Road, by Cormac MacCarthy expresses a tale of a journey of a father and his son after a global catastrophe set in the future. The father and his son travel along a godless patch of highway occupied by marauders, cannibals and survivors of the post-apocalyptic world and they believe that they could possibly be the last “good guys” left. The son and his papa follow the road to hopefully find a better life in the south and also to “carry the fire”. The fire, as they call it, is a symbol of that they are somewhat carrying the hope, faith and humanity of what is left in mankind. This dark adventure plays upon the public’s sense of fear, pandemics and weapons of mass destruction. The relationship between the father and the son is a struggle but they possess a very strong a loving bond between them. Throughout the father and the son’s journey, there is a strong love and care between them that is expressed through the father’s protection in the son. The pair both had a sense of hope, which is created from their faith and keeps their relationship strong. The father and the son’s relationship is also influenced by…show more content…
Hope is a key as aspect in their life’s and relationship. Everyday of their lives is a struggle to survive, and hope of the future gives them a reason to live. Their hope is gained from God, as the father believes that he was put on this earth to protect the son, and that there is a better future ahead for the both of them. The father always tries to keep the sons hope in surviving alive and said, “This is what the good guys do. They keep trying. They don’t give up”. The father was trying to reinforce his son’s faith in him and to never give up on life but there will be a brighter future ahead. They’re relationship can be related to the faith in each other and God as that is what builds their foundation and gives them meaning for

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