Betty Jeffrey Eulogy Essay

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"Survivors of conflict are forever shaped by their conflict."- Eulogy for Betty Jeffrey “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better that we are, everything around us becomes better too.” This quote by Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho, perfectly illustrates the person my grandmother, Betty, tried to have all her life. A very happy person, she had that contagious smile that friends and family could not help but catch. Even though she faced numerous hardships and setbacks, she was known for her enduring optimism. Agnes Betty Jeffrey was born in Hobart, Tasmania. Her father, an accountant at the General Post Office frequently transferred interstate to set up new accounting methods so the family were always on the move when the family finally came to live in East Malvern, Victoria where Betty stayed for the rest of her life. My grandmother loved caring for others and always wanted to begin a career in nursing, but had not been impressed with hospitals interstate and set her mind on the Alfred Hospital. In 1941, Betty was posted to Malaya to join the 2/10th Australian General Hospital. Being fit and healthy, like my grandmother always was, with no responsibilities at this point of time, going to Singapore was exciting and something that she always wanted to do. She was representing her country and contributing to the war effort. On the 14th February, everything changed for the worse when the Vyner Brooke was attacked. This event changed everything and how my grandmother went on with life from here onwards. Survivors of conflict are forever shaped and formed by their conflict, whether it was small or large, and life threatening or not so serious. This definitely contributed to the way that my grandmother lived her life and how she was shaped from here onwards. Betty and Iole Harper had the struggle of finding themselves

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