Better Late Than Never

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Jack is a very ambitious and a hardworking person. He always wanted to be a doctor and earn a lot of money since a young kid. He comes from a middle class family. His father is an electrician with the government sector and his mother is a nurse in a private hospital. He has an elder brother who works as an engineer in a private company. Jack also has a younger sister who is still studying in secondary school. When studying in secondary school, Jack was one of the best students for his SPM examination. Jack loves to play football and computer games. After, his SPM examination result came out Jack was offered to study in a top university in the country. But, Jack had a lot of friends outside of his normal circle of friends. This group of friends he met while playing football in the evenings at the playground near his apartment. This particular group of friends, they come from variety of backgrounds. Some are ex-prisoners and some are from very poor family. It was his second semester in his university and then is when he received an invitation to a birthday party. He was invited by one of his football friend by the name of David. So that evening, Jack went to the party and was so amazed to see the huge crowd that attended the party. There in the party, Jack saw people drinking beer, liquor and wine. He also saw people taking drugs and smoking ‘weed’. Out of curiosity, Jack tried smoking a roll of ‘weed’ or ‘marijuana’. He got so high after smoking the ‘weed’. It was his first taste of ‘weed’ and he kind of liked the feeling of it. After that, Jack started to drink beer out of control. Jack collapsed on the couch after drinking his seventh glass of beer. The next following day, Jack did not attend his class. As day passes by, the relationship between Jack and David grew stronger. They now often go out together when they are free. Slowly, Jack started to skip

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