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1 The Better Choice for Canada, NDP Dean “The Better Choice for Canada, NDP” Tired from waiting for a family doctor? Or are you tired of a polluted economy. There are ways to fix these problems, and the best choices to help fix those problems are with Jack Layton and the New Democrats. The NDP supports strong social welfare policies and associates itself with the Canadian labor movement. The NDP favors a more equal distribution of wealth among Canadians and has supported controls on foreign investment in Canada. The New Democratic Party is the better choice for Canada. Jack Layton wants to reduce pollution and fight against global warming by putting new investments in renewable energy solutions.…show more content…
“Environmentalists and some independent analysts have estimated that Canada could fall short of those targets because of loopholes in the plan that favour industry” (Hébert-Daly,NDP). “I passed legislation committing Canada to adopt science-based targets for cutting emissions by 80 per cent from 1990 levels by 2050” (Layton). Which one is better; Harper’s 20% or Layton’s 80%, you be the judge. Health care is one of the things most voters look at during election time. Jack Layton and the New Democrats will improve health care and by giving everyone access to primary care. They will improve health care so no one is left behind. “We will reduce wait times by training and hiring more nurses and doctors. We will invest in innovation, and share best practices. We will make prescription drugs more affordable for you and your family” (Layton). Jack Layton will also expand home care for seniors and people who are disabled. Layton will also reduce the cost for prescription drugs for all Canadians, he will also buy prescription drugs in bulk to save billions of dollars. “Make necessary drugs more affordable by implementing measures to replace high-cost patent drugs with lower-cost generic drugs”…show more content…
They will help change health care for all Canadians, they will help reduce pollution in our nation by investing in energy sources, and the NDP’s will help make Canada peacful. We can’t trust people like Stephen Harper who says he will do something, but doesn’t do it in the end. We need a leader who keeps his word, and that is Layton. Jack Layton and the New Democrat’s puts you and your family first. Do the right thing and vote NDP. Work Cited Ralph Poynting NDP. (2008, October 11). Kelowna Capital News,C.1. Retrieved October 18, 2008, from Canadian Newsstand Complete database. Granatstein, J. L. "New Democratic Party." World Book Online Reference Center. 2008. [spl] 18 Oct. 2008 <>. "The pros and cons of NDP poverty plan. " Toronto Star [Toronto, Ont.] 3 Oct. 2008,AA.5. Canadian Newsstand Complete. ProQuest Surrey Public Library 18 Oct. 2008 <> © 2008 New Democratic Party of Canada, all rights reserved. Paid for and authorized by Éric Hébert-Daly, registered agent of Canada's

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