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The Better Business Bureau is now starting to see a rise in competition from online, customer-review sites. People these days are very cautious with the way they spend their money. Some rely on customer-review sites before making certain purchases. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List have been the BBB’s toughest competition. Yelp, Inc. is a multinational corporation founded in 2004 that helps connect people with great local businesses (Yelp). Yelp serves customers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States (Yahoo Finance). Yelp uses an automated software to recommend the most helpful and reliable reviews for the Yelp community (Yelp). They primarily connect people with boutiques, mechanics, restaurants, and dentists. The Yelp website offers more than just customer reviews. In addition to reviews, you can also use Yelp as a way to find events, lists, and to talk with other users on Yelp. They offer free online business accounts that enable a business to view trends in other businesses, message customers, update information, and offer Yelp deals and gift certificates. According to Yahoo Finance, Yelp has over 2,000 employees and a revenue of about 263.26 million (Yahoo Finance). Angie’s List, Inc. is a consumer- driven site that members use to research, hire, rate, and review local professionals for home, health care, and automotive service needs (Angieslist). Founded in 1995, they collect ratings and reviews on more than 720 different services (Yahoo Finance). As of December, 31, 2013, Angie’s List had approximately 2.5 million paid memberships in 253 local markets in the United States. Angie’s List members receive full access to ratings and reviews on their

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