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Bette Davis Bette Davis was one of the greatest actresses to come out of Hollywood. She was one of the biggest stars in the film industry in the 19th century. Bette Davis was born on April 5, 1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts to Harlow Morrell Davis (father) and Ruth Favor Davis (mother). She died on October 6, 1989 in Neuilly, France to metastasized breast cancer. Bette was married four times her first husband was Harmon Nelson 1932-1938, her second was Arthur Farnsworth 1941-1943 he died, her third was William Grant Sherry 1945 they had one child, her fourth husband was actor Gary Merrill 1950-1960 they had 2 children. Her birth name was Ruth Elizabeth Davis, she had many nickname but the one that kept with her since childhood was Bette, she…show more content…
With her slow start in The Wild Duck she reached Broadway and opened with the comedy Broken Dishes in November 1929 which ran for six months. After her comedy Broken Dishes success it led her to production of Solid South where she failed a screen test in Hollywood. Later on Bette was tested at Universal Studios and hired; she appeared in two films The Bad Sister and Seed in 1931. In those two films the critics ignored her performance in both. Later Bette would be offered a part in The Man Who Played God; she would receive good reviews and a long term contract from the Warner Brothers Studio. With the contract in hand the Warner Brothers started her in a series of films, mostly unremarkable and insignificant, but the critics started to notice her talent and unique quality. Bette started to climb her way to the top of the film industry. She won her first Best Actress Academy Award in 1935 for the film Dangerous. With the growing of her career she demanded better roles, she wouldn’t get them so she refused anymore roles that were given to her. The Warner Brothers would suspended her and then she would go on to sue them, she would lose her battle in the court. The Warner Brothers would get the message she was giving them and started paying her legal fees and offering her
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