Betsy Byars 'Dead Letter' By Betsy Byars

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Dead Letter By. Betsy Byars. This book was published by the Penguin Group in 1996 with 150 pages. The genre of this book is science fiction about a girl named Herculeah Jones and her best friend Meat finding a letter in the lining of coat. In the letter it stated that a woman was going to be killed in a house on Elm Street, and it was Herculeah’s mission to find who the woman was and why she was going to be killed. One Saturday morning Herculeah decided to got to a store by the name of Hidden Treasures to buy a new coat. When she was looking around to find one she liked suddently a mysterious force drew her to the coat that had a letter in the pocket. The mysterious force took her in a weird time travel to see what the lady looked like. Herculeah

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