Betrothal Essay

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Many countries, many difrent cultures but soon or later every man wants to be married. Before that you should beccome engaged. In Poland betrothal has three main steps. First of all you should do some shoping. You must go to jewlery and chose ring, but do it carefuly becouse your gift supouse to make big impression on your girlfrend. From that shop go to florist’s to get some red roses and then serch the most romantic place in your town (it should be a restaurant) and make a reservation in it. At last buy youself a new siut or some elegant clothes to be sure that you are a goog looking men. After that you must ask your girlfrend probably the most important and stresfull question in your life. Remember to chose yuor words carefully becouse she will be remember that to rest of her life. Of course you can told her something like „will you marry me” but it’s so ordinary and popular. Try to suprise her. Then if she say yes, you should go to her parents (especially to her father) and ask them about your marriage. Be sure that you make a good impression on them. You must look perfectly and have good manners. Most important thing to you is be certain of you and yours feelings to her. If you do this her parents will be looking at you with admiration. As you can see it’s not so dificult to become engaged. Things like flowers, new clothes may be helpful but nothing can’t replace your feelings to that one

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