Betrayal and Honor: Society and Culture at a Glance Essay

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Asia Chamberlain Dr. Easley English A1/HL1 14 May 2010 Betrayal and Honor Society and Culture at a Glance In many novels, betrayal and honor become leading themes. In Antigone, a tragic play written by Sophocles in 441 B.C., the main character, Antigone, gives her brother, Polynices, a proper burial after the king orders that he be left alone to rot after fighting her own brother and kingdom. She insists that she is following the law of the gods within the Greek culture. Creon then sentences her to death. Relatively, in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a fictional novel written by Gabriel García Márquez, a bride, Angela Vicario, is returned to her family hours after she says her vows to her new husband. She is returned after her new husband finds out that she is not a virgin. Angela’s twin brothers betray their friend, Santiago Nasar, by murdering him after he is falsely accused of taking Angela’s virginity. Each situation of betrayal and honor is related to the culture of that society. Sophocles and Gabriel García Márquez use contrasting cultures to emphasize betrayal and honor. Sophocles emphasizes how important honor is in Greek society. Antigone is firm on the decision to give her brother, Polynices, a proper burial regardless of his status as a traitor. “Why not? Our own brothers’ burial! Hasn’t Creon graced one with all the rites, disgraced the other? Eteocles, they say, has been given full military honors, rightly so – Creon’s laid him in the earth and he goes with glory down among the dead” (Sophocles 1343). Antigone is sharing with her sister Ismene, her thoughts about her brothers’ burial. Because her brother Eteocles was fighting for Thebes, he has been given a proper burial. However, Polynices was fighting against Eteocles and Thebes. Therefore, he is known as a traitor and his lifeless body is left on the battle field to rot. In Greek culture,

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