Betrayal Essay

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Betrayal is to break an enemy by treachery or disloyalty. ‘In the Name of the Father’ – Jim Sheridan and ‘In Cold Blood’ – Truman Capote has exposed the audience to betrayal therefore extending the readers knowledge about the disloyalty upon human life. Also looking at the text ‘Consultation’ – Kevin Gilbert assists the audience understands betrayal. Betrayal is an ongoing theme throughout these texts; Betrayal of the law is represented in In the Name of the Father and also In Cold Blood. But also the theme of betrayal to individuals is represented in Consultation and In the Name of the Father. Jim Sheridan uses the theme of Betrayal of the law strongly in the plot line in, In the Name of the Father. The scene after Jerry is taken into jail without any evidence and his dad is also brought in, there is the actual man who bombed the restaurant. After finding this out, the police do not let Jerry and his father out; they just put the other man in jail. Jim Sheridan uses close-ups to express the emotion on each individuals face to show how everyone is affected by the betrayal of law. Sheridan also composes the scene with the people as the salient image and a strong path towards them, this makes the audience concentrate on what is happening, but the intensity of the scene is also backed up with no sound apart from their voices, this communicates with the audience well as they are engaged and drawn in by the betrayal of law. The audience then comes to a realisation about how the story is based upon the betrayal of law. Betrayal of law is also represented in, In Cold Blood. Truman Capote uses the betrayal of law strongly as the story is based around the murder of the Clutter family. “Not because of what you did but the fact that you don't show me any signs of SINCERE regret and seem to show no respect for any laws, people or anything." This quote represents the

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