Betrayal Essay

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23 December 1998 The lights are bright, searing rays which bath awash the room with the colour of virgin margenta. The air, damp albeit unusually stuffy, stifles you; each breath you take, the air strangles you. Your hands are trembling, with the sheer agony or the involuntary desparation you cannot fathom. The noises are drowning you, an incoherent blend of melody, reminding you of your constant drifting away. Your body aches in vehement protest, as the paroxyms continue, the contractions harder, more vicious, more rapid. No more energy for screams, yet a final clutching wail pierces the atmosphere… and you let go. Pain, then you know it was over. At last. The newborn's elementary cries add to the pandemonium as your scream die down to eerie echoes. A deluge of aftershocks rob you of conscience, yet you reach out for your baby feebly from the arms of the obstretrician. She wears a thin tired smile. "Congratulations,it's a baby." The weight of your son presses onto your fatigued arms, his cryptic face freezing in a tableau of an instinctive wail of a disorientated neonate, yet striking into your very core. Motherly pride and love surges within you, that first surge would be forever preserved in your memory as a colour photo amidst a wash of sepia recollections. The pian, the fear, seems forgotten, blanketed by the face of your dear son. Suddenly, he stops crying, and start to look at you, with his austere dark eyes and an innocent smile took over his mask of solemnity covering his face, a face unobscured by the iniquities of life. Tears formed in your eyes, and with a sparkling cascade they fell, in gratitude for the gift from God. Now Inside you, chaos. A rising torrent of emotions battled for supremacy inside your war-torn heart. Rancour and indignance appear to be winning over your mind; indeed, so great was your anger that it bubble not just inside

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