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Betraying the Immoral Betrayal is a constant and important theme in the book The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. The events of the book are an accumulation to Sandy’s betrayal of Miss Brodie, and how and why she did it. The theme of betrayal though isn’t kept between Miss Brodie and Sandy; other characters commit and act of betrayal. The author Muriel Sparks leaves some unanswered questions for the reader to figure out for themselves, was Sandy’s betrayal of Miss Brodie justified? And why did Sandy betray her? The first hints given to the reader of Sandy’s Betrayal is seen through references to Julius Cesar and Rome. In Cesar’s case the one that is closest to him is the one who betrays him, which is exactly what happens to Miss Brodie. Another hint that comes a little later in the book is when Miss Brodie says “One day, Sandy, you will go too far” (22). This foreshadows the events that will unfold later in the book. The reader is left to think for himself on the justification of Sandy’s betrayal. In the beginning of the book Miss Brodie seems to be a wonderful woman and an unusual teacher, she tells stories and takes her students on many field trips. As the book progresses controversial flaws in Miss Brodie’s character begin to appear. Miss Brodie is seen as a fascist who idolizes Mussolini and even Hitler, and instills some of these ideas on to her students. When the girls are sixteen a new student by the name of Joyce Emily tries to become a part of the Brodie set. She befriends Miss Brodie and soon after disappears. After a couple weeks news is heard that she died on her way to fight in the Spanish civil war. In a confession Miss Brodie tells Sandy that she encouraged Joyce Emily to fight on the side of the communist dictator Franco. Even though Joyce Emily’s brother was fighting

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