Betrayal Essay

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Dear Chris, How are you? My teacher has asked me to research a short story writing project which is about the theme of 'betrayal'. I'm going to tell you what the story was about. The round characters in the story are Angus, Donna, Nancy and I. The story took place in the chemistry laboratory in Integrated Science lessons at the beginning of form one. At the beginning of the story, I would mention that I got a friend Angus. We had known each other for several months only before the story happened. I'd also mention about his characteristics. He was a strongly-built boy who always talks with a cheerful tone. He also likes to ingratiate teachers so he did not impress me. Second, I would talk about the first rising action. Donna, Nancy and I were in group 10 and Angus were in group 9. Our teacher, Miss Yeung were teaching us how to light up the Bunsen burner. To test for our understanding, she let us have a try on lighting up the Bunsen burner. The second rising action was that both of our group members could not handle the steps well. Even though Miss Yeung asked us to raise up our hands if we had any questions, we dared to not ask her. Therefore, we determinded to ask Angus. He asked us try to light it up by ourselves, he would help us if we have done any steps wrong. The conflict of the story was due to our mistake. We turned the air hole too large and Angus helped us to correct it immediately. After that, he complained to Miss Yeung about our mistake with a surprising tone. He also told her that we didn't pay attention in class and do it wrongly. He even said that we should ask the others if we were not sure. We have tried to explain to Miss Yeung but she thought that we were disclaimed our fault. Miss Yeung punished us to copy the laboratory safety rules for 50 times at last. The conflict was resolved. Finally, I would write about my feeling. I

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