Betrayal Essay

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Betrayal: Betrayal by a friend or someone you completely trust, such an experience is beyond emotional grasp for many of us. We all know how it feels when people take advantage of us or when unprincipled individuals step on us. But to be betrayed by a trusted friend hurts much more. When we think of the suffering of a dedicated and faithful wife who is betrayed by her husband or an innocent young child who is betrayed by their parents, we can begin to comprehend the emotional hurt that comes with betrayal. Breaking the bond of trust in relationships, and deceiving another person is considered betrayal. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, betrayal can be seen as the base of the whole story, and throughout the play between other characters. Also there was the of kind of betrayal and suffering that is deeper and more grievous than physical suffering. Usually there are limits to physical pain, but there is continual mental and emotional anguish associated with personal betrayal. Betrayal has been the most common thing in any relationship. Between lying, cheating, distrust, and secrets, it leaves a person anxious when it comes to something new. Betrayal has affected my life in many ways than one. The Before Situation, During the Situation, and the After Math of the Relationship. There are many possible reasons why some people are attracted to each other and form relationships. Some of these reasons are personality, physical looks intellectual stimulation, things in common, and differences. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I rarely care about looks, and yeah he wasn’t the best looking guy out there but he was definitely one of the sweetest. His Name is Chris, and he had the great personality very funny guy, and told a lot of jokes, he just put a smile on my face. When he first asked me out it wasn’t really romantic but, I was fourteen and young, and he

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