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One of my best training experiences was with Patient First. The training I received at Patient First was both on-the-job training and classroom training. The complete training consisted of a total of 90 hours of training with a mixture of hands on, role play and classroom presentation and lecture methods. The classroom setting was comfortable. The temperatures were average and the company supplied food and snacks for lunch and breaks. Seating arrangements were at tables which made it easier when we split into group sessions. It also gave a more welcoming feeling to me as a new hire and student. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting or explaining when there were questions. The objectives of the training were as follow: Training methods: Presentation which included lecture and audiovisual used to explain history of company and what the vision and mission are for the company. There were levels of training within Patient First beginning with a Welcome Class where the history and company expectations were reviewed. The next two days were spent in the classroom which consisted of role playing, lectures and videos considered Action Learning. We were broken into groups of five students and given different scenarios and had to state how we would respond to each. After the three days of in classroom scenarios and videos and role play it was then time for me to go into an actual medical center and team up with a buddy trainer. This person became your best friend in the company. No matter what location you were training at the buddy trainer would meet you there so you could shadow them. After a couple of shadow days (each consisting of 7 hour shifts) I had to put in perspective everything I learned previously via both the classroom and during shadow time. At this point, it was all hands-on-training. I had to deal first hand with all

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